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The Training Yard The training yard is a playable zone in which the player can try out , powers, and mechanics. The player cannot die and a variety of simple static bots are available.

There is currently a pool of 14 tiles/zones in the game. 11 of them are arena tiles, 1 is The Training Yard, 1 is The Pre-Game Lobby, and one is the Practice vs AI mode. Each tile can only appear once on the map, with a maximum of 7 total tiles in one match. The tiles are placed randomly and seamlessly assembled in various configurations. Each tile can be rotated in any direction, and can appear on any zone on the map.

The Pre-Game Lobby[edit | edit source]

The Lobby is the holding area for players waiting to join a match. While players are here, they can interact with the Crafting Wheel and the Dressing Room.

Weapons are non-lethal in this area (but they still knockback), and all players have unlimited arrows and snowballs. Other tools are not allowed.

The Training Yard[edit | edit source]

The Training Yard is a playable zone in which the player can get accustomed to all the different tools, powers, etc. The player cannot die and a variety of simple static bots are available.

Practice vs AI[edit | edit source]

This game mode uses a static map and places a player in a match against 9 Artificial Inmates, which are designed to gather resources, craft Tools, and engage in combat just like a real inmate would.

Playable tiles[edit | edit source]

There are 11 playable zones in the game. (Warning: Most tile names are unofficial)

Lazy Tree Nursing Home[edit | edit source]

The zone's main area are the Tree Houses. These cover the majority of the zone. This tile features a lot of vertical gameplay, and features tight corridors, sniper areas and cover. Using gliders, hooks, Power Leap or Teleport is recommended when navigating and/or fighting in this zone.

Fort Bliss[edit | edit source]

This zone features a small town with a few houses, surrounded by a wall and sniper towers from all directions. There are limited entrances to the town, but the town itself features a lot of cover and indoors combat.

Hot Cave[edit | edit source]

This zone's main area is the Electronic surrounded by lava. Lots of open space, smart players can utilize the lava to knock enemy players in there.

Glanton Lake[edit | edit source]

The Arena is a large, mostly perfectly flat area with some icebergs in the center. Perfect place for equal field duels.

The Hilltop Chalet[edit | edit source]

This zone features a large hill, that covers all of the zone. There are several structures and an Electronic at the top of the hill. Players need to walk quite a distance uphill to get there.

Avalanche Village[edit | edit source]

Summer Project Ruins[edit | edit source]

Warning: Unofficial name.

On-The-Rocks Shipping Co.[edit | edit source]

This zone features a lot of close quarters combat and high points, that players can teleport or glide to.

The Yonder Canyon[edit | edit source]

Warning: Unofficial name.

Gould City[edit | edit source]

Mt. Borlo Deer Workshop[edit | edit source]