There are three types of weapons in Darwin Project. They are the Axe, Bow/Arrow, and Snowballs. More weapon options are coming soon.


The Axe is used for melee attacks and to gather resources such as Wood from trees. Its base damage is 150. Damage can be increased up to 275 by using Axe Sharpener. Gathering and crafting speed is increased with Lumberjack, and players can gain a small heal bonus with the Scavenger Axe.

Axe hits will deal damage and knock the enemy back a short distance.

The axe can also be used to parry Arrows, Snowballs, Hooks and enemy Axe attacks by swinging it just as it hits your character. When parrying Axe hits, both your character and the enemy will be knocked back.

Bow and Arrow

The Bow is a standard ranged weapon that uses arrows as projectiles. The bow needs to be drawn for 1 second before it is able to fire.

There are multiple different arrow types that can be crafted in the game. Standard Arrows do base damage, but players will spawn in with five of them in a new match. They take the least amount of resources to create. A successful hit with a Hunter Arrow will track the enemy for 10 seconds. Each successive hit before the timer runs out, will add time to the timer. The Berserk Arrow will add Stamina back to the shooter, and Fire Arrows do additional damage.

You cannot use the Bow without any arrows. You can find more arrows by crafting them, looting from Chests or picking up enemy arrows. If you pick up an enemy Arrow, it will automically be set to the type you have equipped (ex. if you are using Default Arrows and the enemy is using Fire Arrows, you will pick up a Default Arrow)

Arrows, much like Axes, knock back enemies hit. Getting knocked back will reset your draw time.


Crafted snowballs can be thrown at enemies to knock them back and reduce their Heat by 20% (if the enemy doesnt have a Cloak). There is a delay of 0.5 seconds before you throw the arrow, your character is immobile during the time period. Snowballs can be deflected back at the enemy with your Axe.

The higher the enemy's Cloak level is, the less Heat your snowballs will reduce.

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