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Tools are a piece of equipment that can be crafted from the Crafting Wheel, or earned from a Chest or Deer in packs of 1-2. Tools have various uses, from traps to utility items.

Bear Trap[ | ]

Bear Trap

Immobilize and damage your prey. Originally used to trap bears before they went extinct.

Trap duration [s]: 6

Damage: 100

Cage Trap[ | ]

Cage Trap

Why not throw an actual cage around your enemies? Can be destroyed by axe swings and arrow hits.

Duration [s]: 20

Glider[ | ]


Drift around the arena! I am a leaf on the wind, watch how I soar.

Duration [s]: 15

Hook[ | ]


The Hook is a tool for reducing distance and creating intimacy between shy players. Pull enemies to you and resolve yourr differences with the straightforward method of axe swinging.

Range [m]: 60

Rigged Chest[ | ]

Rigged Chest

Reveal and damage the poor sap who opens it. Greed is not good.

Reveal Duration [s]: 60

Damage: 150

Smoke Bomb[ | ]

Smoke Bomb

Release smoke in the area that hides your footprints and cancels tracking on you.

Smoke Radius [m]: 30

Smoke Duration [s]: 12

Snowball[ | ]


Put out fire and make your target colder. A winter playground classic.

Cold Meter Reduction: 20%

Tripwire[ | ]


Whoever walks into it is revealed to you. Useful for misdirecting unwanted attraction.

Reveal Duration [s]: 30