Tools are items in Darwin Project that can be crafted in the Crafting Wheel. These are items that can potentially slow down, trap, and even kill an enemy player if their health is low enough. There are currently seven tools in the game but only three can be assigned to the Crafting Wheel at a time. Players will need to check the wheel and assign their tools prior to starting a match.

New players will have the Bear Trap, Tripwire, and Snowball pre-assigned by default.


Icon Name Description
Darwin Project - Bear Trap icon large Bear Trap Immobilize and damage your prey. Originally used to trap bears before they went extinct. 
Darwin Project - Smoke Bomb icon large Smoke Bomb Release smoke in the area that hides your footprints and cancels tracking on you.
Darwin Project - Cage Trap icon large Cage Trap Why not just throw an actual cage around your enemies?d Can be destroyed by axe swings and arrow hits.
Darwin Project - Tripwire icon large Tripwire Whoever walks into it is revealed to all inmates. Useful for misdirecting unwanted attraction.
Darwin Project - Rigged Chest icon large Rigged Chest Reveal and damage the poor sap who opens it. Greed is not good.
Darwin Project - Snowball icon large Snowball Put out fire and make your target colder. A winter playground classic.
Darwin Project - Glider icon large Glider Drift around the arena! I am a leaf on the wind, watch how I soar.
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