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Put out fire and make your target colder. A winter playground classic.
Type: Tools
Crafting Cost: Free
Crafting Time: 2 seconds
Active: Tosses a Snowball that applies cold damage to enemies.
Stats: Cold Meter Reduction: 20%

Snowball is one of the available Tools. When activated, tosses a Snowball at your crosshair direction that applies cold damage to inmates and knocks them back. Snowballs can also put out campfires and instantly kill Deer and destroy Turrets.

Notes[ | ]

  • Cold damage is reduced by Cloaks.
  • Snowballs can be parried and deflected back at the tosser with Axes.
  • Snowballs don't instantly deplete the cold meter, the cold damage is instead dealt over the period of 10 seconds (2% cold per second).
  • Successive snowball hits do not accelerate the freezing process, instead they increase the duration by another 10 seconds.