Darwin Project Wiki

Below is a list of all abilities the Director can use. Targeted powers can NOT be used while the inmates are in combat unless put up to a spectator vote.

 Crowd Favorite[ | ]

PowerDeck Illustration512px CrowdFavorite

Twitch and Mixer Viewers that are watching the current match (Regardless whether the streaming person is an Inmate or the Show Director) can vote on which player should be the Crowd Favorite. There is an automatic crowd favorite vote at the beginning of every match and the director can also use more from their power deck.

Small Heal[ | ]

PowerDeck Illustration512px Heal

Costs 1 AP, Stream Vote Compatible

Selected player quickly restores 150 HP.

Warm Up[ | ]

PowerDeck Illustration512px WarmUp

Costs 1 AP, Stream Vote Compatible

When used on a specific player, the ability quickly restores the player's Cold level to 100%. Even works in a closed zone. As soon as the effect wears off, players' warmth will decrease as usual.

Give Wood[ | ]

PowerDeck Illustration512px Wood

Costs 1 AP, Stream Vote Compatible

Gives 3 wood to a specific player. Wood can be used to craft arrows, traps, or a fire.

Electronic[ | ]

PowerDeck Illustration512px Pylon

Costs 2 AP, Stream Vote Compatible

Spawns an Electronic in a selected location. Electronics cannot be spawned in closed zones; however if they spawned in a zone and weren't taken before the zone closed, the electronic will remain in it until taken or the game ends.

Close Zone[ | ]

PowerDeck Illustration512pxCloseZone

Costs 3 AP, Stream Vote Compatible

Closes a selected zone. Zones cannot be used to cut off access from a zone into other remaining zones. This ability does not close a zone instantly, but "initiates" the zone close sequence in the way the game randomly closes zones.

Speed Up[ | ]

PowerDeck Illustration512px SpeedBoost

Costs 3 AP, Stream Vote Compatible

Grants unlimited Stamina and extra speed to a player for 10 seconds. Stamina that was used up to that point will be refilled immediately and is consumed as usual as soon as Speed Up worns off.

Expose[ | ]

PowerDeck Illustration512px Expose

Costs 3 AP, Stream Vote Compatible

The selected player and their nearest opponent both receive a temporary tracking effect on each other.

Electro-Mania[ | ]

PowerDeck Illustration512px AllPylon

Costs 3 AP, Stream Vote Incompatible

Activates all Electronics on the map, including electronics in closed zones.

Telepathy[ | ]

PowerDeck Illustration512px Telepaty

Costs 3 AP, Stream Vote Incompatible

All players can hear each other's Voice Chat and talk to each other no matter the distance.

Blood Moon[ | ]

PowerDeck Illustration512px Blood Moon

Costs 5 AP, Stream Vote Incompatible

All alive players can see each other through walls and on the minimap. It's not a Clue so it won't trigger equipment like Hunter's Cloak. Also activates a visual and auditive effect to signal players Blood Moon is active.

Big Heal[ | ]

PowerDeck Illustration512px Heal

Costs 2 AP, Stream Vote Compatible

Selected player quickly restores 300 HP.

Gravity Storm[ | ]

PowerDeck Illustration512px GravityStorm

Costs 5 AP, Stream Vote Incompatible

Activates a Gravity Storm to the entire map. All players will be affected with lower gravity for a considerable long time, meaning that leaving ground contact in any way is much easier and air time is much longer. Higher and longer jumps can be helpful, but can also make a player very vulnerable as they can easily be hit in air and sent flying in a different direction, with little control.

Nuke[ | ]

PowerDeck Illustration512px Nuke

Costs 5 AP, Stream Vote Compatible

Nukes a specific zone. After a countdown, a nuclear bomb will blow up in the center and slowly spread to the edges of the zone, instantly killing all inmates hit. As soon as the Nuke has spread to all edges, Nuke wears off and players are able to enter the zone again ( which is the difference to the Zone Close ). Nuke cannot be used in the final zone.

Manhunt[ | ]

PowerDeck Illustration512px NewManhunt

Costs 5 AP, Stream Vote Compatible

Selects a specific player. That player becomes Manhunted, which grants all other players in the game temporary tracking on them. A reward will be given to the manhunt target if they survive, or to the first person to kill the manhunt player before the time runs out.

Beach Party[ | ]

PowerDeck Illustration512pxNaked.jpg

Costs 5 AP, Stream Vote Incompatible

Makes all resources on the map visible and warms all inmates up! Doubles resources gained when gathering wood, leather, or from chests. Electronics and looting bodies are excluded.

Open Zone[ | ]

PowerDeck Illustration512px openzone

Costs 5 AP, Stream Vote Compatible

Open Zone allows Show Directors to reopen a zone that was previously closed. It costs five Action Points to activate and Show Directors can only have one copy in their Decks.

Lava Floor[ | ]

PowerDeck Illustration512px lavafloor

Costs 5 AP, Stream Vote Compatible

The Lava Floor power fills a Tile with scorching molten rock, forcing inmates to flee or move to high ground immediately. Similar to the Nuke, Show Directors can drop the Lava Floor on any Zone of their choice, or call for a vote to let Spectators decide. Once activated, it fills the floor of an entire Zone with rising lava and creates a deadly wall around the edges of the Zone, which cause immediate death to players in contact with the lava.

However if you manage to find higher ground in a Zone with an activated Lava Floor Power, you will start warming up. This lava stays for 10 seconds after it reaches its maximum height, after which it will start falling back to the abyss.