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The Show Director is the most popular role and makes the difference between Darwin Project and any other battle royale game.

The Show Director is meant to spice up gameplay by using various powers to influence a running match.

It's important to know that "spice up" means "spice up" and not "troll" or "make players win". As Show Director you may want to prevent your average rating go below 3.5 ( from there, abilities will be locked ) or even 2.5 ( Show Director game mode will be locked from there ). This means that you have to provide fun for either you, but for the players as well, which is very important.

As the players decide over your rating, it's critical to your mission to make everybody happy. Thing is, each time you use one of your powers, there are always players who gain advantage, but also players who are now in a disadvantage. One of the tips you can read during the loading screen is "Be fair in your unfairness.", and you should remember that. Fairness is, after fun for you and them, the 2nd rule every good Show Director obeys. Teaming in Darwin Project is forbidden, especially as Show Director, and it isn't cool anyways.

The Show Director role consists of two main parts: Abilities and communication. The Show Director can jump to every player in the Arena and talk to them via Voice Chat. This is essential! Simply using powers and being silent is boring. The Show Director is supposed to be omnipresent and be the center all gameplay is about.

Communication can be a high obstacle due to many factors that can disable one from talking. The lack of a microphone, poor connectivity, lacking the ability to speak a language most of the people in the lobby understand or even anxiety.

Before playing as Show Director you should make sure your recording devices are working properly and can be used in-game, and there's nothing else that prevents you from using Voice Chat.

Most of the times, talking to people is far better than using powers. Concerning anxiety, Darwin Project is not League of Legends and therefore usually consists of a very friendly and cheerful community whose goal it is to have fun. They respect mistakes and don't get angry ( depending on the player and the intensity of mistake of course, but they usually are quite relaxed ). As Darwin Project is an international game, users will face players from all over the world. Main language everybody is supposed to use is English. Meeting players whose first language is not English happens quite a lot, therefore the average communication quality in English is not 100% awesome. If you can at least communicate what you want to say and everybody can understand you, that's all you need.

If you decide, for whatever reason, to not use English, you should use the language most of the people understand. Be aware of players that expect you to speak English.

The three things a good Show Director is supposed to remember are:

Fun, for you and them

Fairness, to maintain a good rating and prevent yourself from getting hatred

Communication, the ultime Show Director weapon

Of course, as in any good game, there always are less mature players that blame you for <reason>, even though it's not fair to do so. It's always recommended to use human sense and think about what criticism is constructive and which is destructive.

Misc.[ | ]

Communication: You should never offend players or communicate in a negative way. Remain friendly whatever happens, and when you think it's morally fair, nuke them. In addition, always keep an eye on your map. Voice Chat is sent to everybody in a specific radius. You can quickly accidentally give away a players location when another inmate enters this very radius.

Show Directors' Drone: The Show Director is a drone that is visible to everybody. While this can be quite nice in some situations, it can also be a big mistake that will turn players against you. As your drone is visible to everybody, you can also attract other players to your location. When you are nearby another inmate, this could mean their death. It's recommended to go into player view when watching them. This also applies to your Light you can toggle on and off using the L key. Your light can either attract players, uncover their location during combat ( for example when you're in player view of an inmate that has Camo activated, your Light gives all other players a very effective pinpoint of your location ), especially bad, you can even blind them, disabling them to fight properly.