Darwin Project Lobby
The Show Director is the entity inside Darwin Project that controls the extra features of the game. A person wanting to play as the Director will need to reach level 5, queue for the part, and wait for their match. If it's a private game, the person can instead create a new match and assign it a password to give to friends. 

As the director, the player will be able to cruise about the map as a large drone, adjusting their speed with the scroll wheel. 

The drone cannot be damaged by other players. The player will oversee the progress of the game and can directly affect certain elements of the gameplay. 

The Director can talk to other players and give them information regarding enemy locations, or whatever else they wish to talk about. The player is able to respond. Directors can also turn a gravity storm on, making mobility a bit more interesting, buff a struggling player with health or speed, send down an airstrike nuke in a targeted zone and even lock out zones completely. They can also drop additional Electronics on the map which are used to create Powers.

Before a Director can do any of this however, they will need to aquire Action Points.  


  • Warm Up - Increases a player's warmth level
  • Crowd Favorite - The crowd choose their favorite player.
  • Give Wood - Channels your inner Wood Delivery Guy and gives a chosen player 3 Woods.
  • Give Leather - Gives a chosen player 2 Leather.
  • Electronic - Places a single electronic device somewhere on the map. Exact locations are pre-determined for each zone. 
  • Close Zone - Closes the zone of the Director's choice. 
  • Open Zone - Re-Open a zone closed before. 
  • Speed Up - Provides a speed buff for a short amount of time. 
  • Invincibility - a choosen player gets invincible for ten seconds 
  • Expose - The selected player and their nearest opponent both receive a clue on each other. 
  • Electro-Mania - Activates all Electronics 
  • Telepathy - All players can hear one another’s voices. 
  • Blood Moon -  All players track one another 
  • Heal - Provides a heal (you can choose between 150 and 300 HP) to the place of choice. 
  • Gravity Storm - Shifts the gravity level of a targeted zone. Players in the storm will be able to jump high for the duration. 
  • Nuke - Calls an airstrike to the targeted zone. Once the nuke hits, the 'radiation cloud' will expand over time. Players caught in it may die. 
  • Manhunt - Targets a specified player and tracks them for a short time. The player with the kill will be well rewarded, as will the target, if they survive the timer. 
  • Beach Party - doubles all resources besides spawn Electronics also includes loot from chests and mechanical deer. 
  • Lava Floor - fills the floor with lava in a choosen zone, 



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