Darwin Project Wiki

Show Directors pump up the entertainment for players and viewers by unleashing powers like zone restriction, gravity storm, and more. These skills all require Action Points, and each power has a different action point cost. Directors gain Action Points every 45 seconds. Show Directors have flying movement, can teleport to and spectate players, and talk to them using voice chat. Directors cannot be killed under any circumstances, and Directors cannot win games or gain Inmate progression. Instead, they have a separate level and fans progression system. Every level unlocks a new director ability and grants a Fan Gift (Some abilities can be unlocked twice or more, others not).

To play as Show Director, you need to reach level 5 by playing as an inmate. (Doesn't apply to private matches).

The Show Director prestige system allows inmates to rate their directors as a Sportscaster, Wild Card, Puppet Master or Storyteller.

Your stream viewers can vote for some actions of the Show Director.If a player connect his twitch account with his darwin project account he can stream the game and his stream viewers can vote for actions of the Show Director like which zone to close but only the Show Director wants them to vote.

Show Director Powers[ | ]

They have access to a Megaphone, which allows them to broadcast a voice message to all alive players at any time once every 60 seconds.

Directors can also activate soundwheel with the R key that allow him to make an sound every 30 seconds.