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Scavenger Axe
Scavenger Axe
Recover your health when looting dead inmate or robotic deer. The circle of life, or something.
Type: Axe
Crafting Cost: 1 Wood and 1 Leather
Crafting Time: 3 seconds
Stats: Heals from looting inmate or deer: +25

Craft speed: +10%

Max Level: 5

Scavenger Axe is one of the available upgrades for the Axe. It increases your Craft Speed by 10% per level, up to 50% extra craft speed at max level, and grants you +25 healing from lootin dead Inmates or deer, up to 125 extra healing at max level.

Level Heal from looting Craft Speed
Level Bonus Heal Extra Craft Speed Percentage Arrow Craft Time Tool/Fire Craft Time Armor/Perk Craft Time Power Craft Time
0 0 0 1s 2s 3s 5s
1 25 7% 0.93s 1.85s 2.79s 4.7s
2 50 14% 0.85s 1.7s 2.58s 4.4s
3 75 21% 0.78s 1.6s 2.37s 4.0s
4 100 28% 0.72s 1.45s 2.2s 3.7s
5 125 35% 0.65s 1.35s 2s 3.4s

Note: Craft times have been tested in-game

Notes[ | ]

  • The in game description is wrong - while it says that the crafting speed percentage should increase by 10% per level, it actually increases by around 7% per level - meaning that at max level, the crafting speed is slower by ~15% than it should be.
  • Crafting speed bonus affects all Crafting Wheel items, including Armor, Fire and Scavenger Axe levels.
  • The healing bonus does not affect any other sources of Healing. The healing value from lethal blows on players, or Medkit healing is unaffected.