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Rigged Chest
Rigged Chest
Reveal and damage the poor sap who opens it. Greed is not good.
Type: Tools
Crafting Cost: 1 Leather
Crafting Time: 2 seconds
Active: Places a Rigged Chest at your location. When opened, deals damage and tracks the enemy.
Stats: Place Time (s): 2

Track Duration (s): 60 Damage: 150

Rigged Chest is one of the available Tools. When activated, places a Rigged Chest at your location. When opened, deals 150 damage and tracks the enemy for 60 seconds.

Notes[ | ]

  • Rigged Chests can be picked up by your duo teammate. Instead of damaging and tracking him, it either gives him a Rigged Chest or 1 Leather, in case he doesn't have the Rigged Chest equipped.
  • Tracking can be removed with Smoke Bomb.
  • Rigged Chests are identical to normal Chests in appearance. However they emit a slightly louder sound.
  • Rigged Chests cannot be destroyed.
  • You cannot place several Rigged Chests on top of another.