Darwin Project Wiki

The Darwin Project features two different Progression Systems:

The Level, which can be raised with "Fans", the Darwin Project experience points. Inmate and Show Director level and fan score are separated, the player will start as an inmate at level 0 and unlocks the Show Director at level 5, who will then start at level 0 as well. The number of fans required to level up increases level by level. Each time the player levels up their inmate, they will receive a "Fan Gift", a kind of loot box which can be opened from the main menu and rewards the player with a cosmetic they can equip for the arena. The player gets Fans when completing a match, either in Singles or in Duos. The amount of Fans received is based on match placement and duration of survival (Quitting a match will forfeit all rewards received for the match including gaining Fans).

The Show Director receives Fans after a match. They earn a set amount of Fans each game to provide minimum progression and they also get more fans based on the average rating all players give them. The better the overall rating, the more fans a Show Director will gain. When levelling up, the Show Director unlocks a random ability ( abilities can be found in the Show Directors' section in this Wiki ) to equip in the Show Directors' menu and use in-game.

The second progression system is the Show Directors' rating. The Show Director has an Average Rating that indicates a Show Directors' "quality". The average rating of the show directors is made up of the overall rat received in the most recent 10 matches, and all other matches before ( though they have little impact ). More can be found in the Show Director section. Players can rate Show Directors starting from inmate Level 10.