There are currently nine Powers available in Darwin Project. Players can only have access to three powers on the Crafting Wheel at any time. Each power requires an electronic to make, and will go on cooldown once it's been used.


Icon Name Description CD
Arena Instantly deploy a Impenetrable barrier (Radius of 17.5 m) that blocks other players from getting in or out, even the director for 15 seconds 60
Invisibility Be almost invisible for 15 seconds. 60
Energy Shield
Energy Shield Immune to damage, excluding cold and nuke damage, for 10 seconds. The bubble acts as a larger hitbox with greater knockback 60
Power Leap
Power Leap A single strong jump taking the inmate high and far.

(The shockwave when landing does NOT deal damage) 

Radar Reveals every player, clue, resource, and trap arounds you for 10 seconds within a 150 meter range.  60
Teleport Teleport in a line to a maximum of 100 meters instantaneously.   60
Turret A fragile, stationary, automatic, lock-on, burst-fire turret with a 3 second place-time. 60
Shrink Shrink down, becoming more difficult to hit, and dealing reduced damage 60
Ice Bolt
Ice Bolt Wind up to shoot a ray that freezes the opponent for a few seconds, keeping them stationary for a short duration and depleting their warmth gradually 60
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