Darwin Project Wiki

Powers can be gained by crafting them from electronics.

A player can only have access to 3 different powers at one time. Each has a cooldown after they have been used.

Arena[ | ]


Form a large impenetrable spherical barrier around you. No one can get in or out!

Radius [m]: 10.5

Duration [s]: 15

Cooldown [s]: 60

Invisibility[ | ]


Retreat from the spotlight by becoming dangerously invisible.

Duration [s]: 15

Cooldown [s]:60

Detector[ | ]


Detect resources, loot boxes, traps, and robotic deer around you.

Range [m]: 150

Duration [s]: 15

Cooldown [s]: 45

Energy Shield[ | ]

Energy Shield2

Ten seconds of bliss. No physical damage taken. No worries.

Duration [s]: 10

Cooldown [s]: 60

Ice Bolt[ | ]

Ice Bolt2

Unleash an Ice Bolt at an opponent to temporarily freeze them in place and cause their cold meter to deplete, gaining some time to think about your next move.

Duration [s]: 4-6

Cooldown [s]: 60

Power Leap[ | ]

Power Leap2

Jump away from your problems.

Maximum Range [m]: 30

Cooldown [s]: 60

Radar[ | ]


Expose nearby players and clues

Range [m]: 150

Duration [s]: 10

Cooldown [s]: 60

Shrink[ | ]


Shrink to the size of a cute puppy and become more difficult to hit, but deal reduced damage with your attacks and be safe from enemy traps.

Duration [s]: 15

Teleport[ | ]


In a hurry? Why walk/run? Teleporting is easier and crazier.

Range [m]: 100

Cooldown [s]: 60

Turret[ | ]


Fire 3 rapid shots every 3 secconds at enemies and robotic deer around you. Can be destroyed in one axe or arrow hit though.

Damage Per Shot: 50

Cooldown [s]: 60