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Type: Axe
Crafting Cost: 2 Wood and 1 Leather
Crafting Time: 3 seconds
Stats: Harvest Speed/Level: +10%
Max Level: 5

Lumberjack is one of the available upgrades for the Axe. It increases your Harvest Speed by 10% per level, up to 50% extra harvest speed at max level.

Level Harvest Speed
Level Theoretical Extra Harvest Speed Percentage Tree Harvest Time Armchair Harvest Time Chest Harvest Time Electronic Harvest Time
0 0 2.5s 3s 2s 9s
1 10% 2.2s 2.6s 1.8s 8.1s
2 20% 1.75s 2.2s 1.6s 7.2s
3 30% 1.35s 1.9s 1.4s 6.3s
4 40% 1s 1.5s 1.2s 5.4s
5 50% 0.6s 1.2s 1s 4.5s

Note: Harvest times have been tested in-game

Notes[ | ]

  • While in theory your Harvesting Speed should be 150% at max level, in practice the harvesting speed bonus varies depending on what you are harvesting. Aditionally, in Trees and Armchairs the harvesting speed bonus per level is inconsistent and your harvesting speed becomes even faster than it should be (Detailed timings are listed above). It is unknown whether it's an intended mechanic, or a bug.
  • At Lumberjack levels 0-2, Inmates harvest chests faster than trees. Beyond level 3, inmates harvest trees faster than chests.