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The Inmates are the main playable characters in The Darwin Project. Each Inmate starts the game with identical resources and stats with a set load-out of equipment from the Craft Wheel. Your goal as an inmate is to upgrade your desired load-out to have a competitive advantage over your opponents and be the last Inmate standing.

Each Inmate starts with 600 health points, 100 warmth points, an axe, and a bow.

Darwin UI
  1. Health Bar (600 max)

  2. Inmates remaining

  3. Match timer

  4. Match spectators (The sum of the people watching the streams of the inmates/Show Director in that match)

  5. Cold meter (100 max)

  6. Kill counter

  7. Arrows remaining

  8. Stamina meter (100 max)

  9. Armor indicator (Highlighted when you have armor equipped)

  10. Tools

  11. Electronics

  12. Items

  13. Server informations (PC Only)

  14. Perks and Resources

  15. Spectator vote countdown (Only appears when Show Director puts up a vote to stream)

  16. Show Director of the match

  17. Microphone toggle indicator (Default key is " t ")