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Hunter Arrow
Hunter Arrow
Never let your prey get away. Track your target for 5 seconds by scoring a hit on them with an arrow.
Type: Arrow
Crafting Cost: 1 Wood
Crafting Time: 1 second
Stats: Base/Headshot Damage: 150/200

Track Duration (s): 5

Starting Arrow Count: 2

Hunter Arrows are one of the available Arrow types. Whenever you hit an enemy with these arrows, the enemy will be Tracked for 5 seconds.

Detective Cloak Level Hunter Arrow Tracking
Level Extra Clue Duration Percentage Hunter Arrow Clue Duration
0 0 5s
1 15% 5.75s
2 30% 6.5s
3 45% 7.25s
4 60% 8s
5 75% 8.75s

Note: Times have been tested in-game

Notes[ | ]

  • Successful hits on the same enemy will reset the Track duration.
  • Tracking from the Hunter Arrows will increase your movement speed and stamina if you are using Hunter Boots. Tracking duration will also increase if you are using Detective Cloak.