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This page describes how to play The Darwin Project.

In order to survive Darwin Project you must gather Wood and Leather, craft Weapons and Tools and fight to outlast other inmates. You start in a lobby where you can choose your change your Crafting Wheel. A good idea for people unfamiliar with the map would be to focus on maximising stamina, getting the glider and using basic arrows as they give you 5 to start with.

The most beneficial resource is Electronics as they can build the very useful Powers like the turret and power leap. There are a big heads up when an electronic is about to spawn both on the mini map and with an effect in the sky giving you the location. Be careful though as attacking the electronic with arrows or the axe will cause it to burst and throw anyone near away, making it pretty much impossible to harvest when others are around.

During the game zones will be made forbidden and their temperature will drop dramatically. You should always escape the zone before this happens as when your temperature gauge drops to zero you will receive health damage until dead. The fastest ways to escape zones can be to use the portal to teleport you to the opposite side of the map, using a glider, hitting a mushroom so it bounces you a fair distance or just sprinting like hell. When there is only one zone left the forbidden area will shrink and enclose the players even further until the match ends.

Chests are some of the best things to harvest as they can drop Arrows, Armor, Perks or Tools. There are also non-craftable items such as First Aid Kit and Warm Coffee. Deer will drop the same things as chests as well as recovering a default of 50 health. They are hard to kill with an axe however so it they need to be shot first. There are also unconfirmed reports of an electronic being given from a chest.

After harvesting or crafting an item an object will appear highlighted in red. This can be examined by other players and used to track you, letting them see a highlighted outline of your profile and location from anywhere on the map. So you can only shake tracking by using a Smoke Bomb so try not to craft in open areas.