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The Hook is a tool for reducing distance and creating intimacy between shy players. Pull enemies to you and resolve your differences with the straightforward method of axe swinging.
Type: Tools
Crafting Cost: 1 Leather
Crafting Time: 2 seconds
Active: Tosses a Hook that stuns and pulls enemies to you.
Stats: Range (m): 60

Hook is one of the available Tools. When activated, tosses a Hook to your crosshair direction that stuns and pulls enemies to you.

Notes[ | ]

  • The Hook works on allied inmates.
  • The Hook can pull enemies through walls and obstacles, assuming you have hit them before.
  • You can hook inmates out of and into cage traps.
  • The hook also works on Deer and dead bodies. This is useful especially if you want to loot a deer/body who's stuck in an inaccessible place, or fell to lava.