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Crafting Wheel

Crafting Wheel

The Crafting Wheel is a customizable selection of Equipment, Tools, and Powers that you can use for your survival in Darwin Project. Each of your selections can contribute to the proficiency of a certain play style, so choose wisely! You can open your craft wheel by pressing and holding Q, or by pressing Crafting Wheel in the main menu.

Armor[ | ]

So far there is only one type of Armor in the game, and it can't be customized. Crafting Armor costs 3 Wood and 3 Leather. Armor will block the first instance of damage, however you will still be knocked back. Armor lasts until it's broken, and you will have to craft it once again.

Fire[ | ]

Fire is an another category that can't be customized. It can be crafted with 1 Wood. It reduces Cold level to everyone around it until it runs out of fuel, or gets Extinguished by a Snowball.

Arrows[ | ]

You can customize which type of arrows your Inmate will shoot from his Bow. Each arrow type grants different effects, whether they are on enemy hit, or your inmate. All arrows cost 1 Wood for single arrow. Users with Default Arrows start with 5 arrows, while users of other arrow types start with none.

Tools[ | ]

Inmates can equip up to 3 various tools in their crafting wheel. The tools range from traps, up to utility items. Each tool has varying crafting costs.

Powers[ | ]

Each Inmate can also use up to 3 Powers. Each Power costs 1 Electronic to craft, and gives you unique offensive and defensive abilities such as scanners, mobility abilities etc.

Boots[ | ]

Boots increase your speed and also grant a different bonus depending on type. Each boot costs 2 Leather to craft. Boots stack up to 5 times.

Cloaks[ | ]

Cloaks give you cold resistance and an additional bonus depending on type. Each cloak costs 2 Wood and 1 Leather to craft. Cloaks stack up to 5 times.

Weapons[ | ]

These are axe enhancers that grant your Axe an additional bonus depending on type. Each weapon has varying crafting costs. Weapons stack up to 5 times.