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Eliminated, or simply death or Game over is a player status feature in which a player reaches 0HP (➕00) and is eliminated from the match. There, the player can spectate others or only their ally when the latter is still alive. When eliminated, players will be greeted with a message reading "Your rank: #X (Killed by: {killer})" (formerly "You were killed by: {killer}"). If no-one eliminated that player, the killed by message will be replaced by "Frozen to death," "Burnt by hot lava," or "Nuked." (formerly "You are dead"). If another player is eliminated, a card will pop up with the player's profile picture being grayed out by an X and a header reading "{PlayerName} was eliminated." and the gentleman announcer will yell something out on below list depending on how they were eliminated except if they left the game to which there will be no announcer. In duo, their team is instead greeted with a Call of Duty Blackout-style defeat message with a text below reading "Eliminated by: {killer}" or "You are eliminated". When a teammate dies, the other teammate is notified by a red text reading "Your ally is dead!" and a gong banging.

Types of Eliminations[ | ]

  • Axe kill
  • Arrow kill
  • Frozen to death
  • Death by hot lava
  • Death by NUKE
  • Nuclear death
  • Turret kill
  • Killed by turrets
  • Trap kill
  • Death by snowball

Gallery[ | ]

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