Darwin Project - electronic mushroom

The Electronic Mushroom, or "Boom Shroom", is a stationary item on the map of Darwin Project. To use a mushroom, approach it and attack it. This generate a propulsive explosion, pushing the player the direction opposite of the mushroom. (The mushroom can be activated with with an axe, arrow, hook, snowball, or icebolt)

Note: The direction the player is sent is determined, NOT by the where the player is looking, but by their position relative to the mushroom.

Before using one, it is best to have a general idea of where the landing will approximately be. Otherwise the player could unintentionally land in the middle of a fight, or even in lava.

Tip: Combo these with the Power Leap ability for greater distance. The Shrink ability, which increases knockback due to the player being smaller, is also paired well with these.

Teleport and Gliders can also be used, though they don't retain or increase momentum.

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