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Directors Powers are abilities used by the show director, at the cost of Action Points, that can be used to change how the match plays out.

Directors Powers cost 1-5 Action Points and are listed below

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1 Action Points:

Heal (150HP) - Heals a selected inmate 1/4 of their max HP

Warm up - Completly fills a selected inmates temperature meter

Give Wood - Gives 3 wood to a selected inmate

2 Action Points:

Electronic - Spawns an electronic in any of the possible areas.

3 Action Points:

Close Zone - Chooses one of the seven zones to close after 60 seconds.

4 Action Points:

5 Action Points:

Beach Party - Makes trees, sofas, electronics, and chests visible through walls, and also makes them give double loot. If you have 'Gore and Beach Party Effect' set to on in the gameplay section in settings, it also makes inmates appear nude with blurred... 'areas'...

Nuke - Nukes a selected zone after 40 seconds. The nuke will expand from the centre of the zone to the outer edge, then will disappear when it has expanded completely. Any players caught in this area will be eliminated immediately, with the death message 'Death by nuke!'