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Daily Challenges, or previously Daily Rehab Program, are a feature in Darwin Project, that allow you to perform various tasks every day to earn Ramen and other rewards. You gain 1 new task every day, and you can keep up to 3 tasks at once. The rewards range from Ramen to Fan Gifts.

Before the Daily Rehab Program feature is unlocked, players need to finish 6 tutorial tasks. Each task gives 10 ramen, with the exception of the final one, that gives you access to the Hook tool.

The challenges have various difficulties, the higher the difficulty, the better the reward. Challenges can give 10, 20 or 25 ramen depending on the difficulty. Some unique challenges can give a Fan Gift.

Aside from the Challenges, your First Games and First Wins of the day will give you extra 2000 fans each.

Tutorial[ | ]

Whenever a player first starts the game, he is tasked to perform 6 simple tasks. Players can only do one task at a time, and have to finish the previous one before doing the next. Each task gives 10 ramen.

The "Reach Level 5" task is independent from other tasks, which means you can do it while completing the other quests.

Tasks (in order) Reward
Reach Level 5 Show Director Access
Craft a Fire 10 Ramen
Harvest 5 Resources 10 Ramen
Find a Clue 10 Ramen
Craft a Glider 10 Ramen
Craft an Electronic Power 10 Ramen
Kill a Player 10 Ramen

Daily Challenges List[ | ]

Below is the list of all known quests so far. The list is incomplete - feel free to expand it.

Challenge Reward
Play a Duo match with a friend Fan Gift
Play [3] matches 10 Ramen
Finish in the top 3 in a Solo match 10 Ramen
Play [2] matches in Solo 10 Ramen
Play [2] matches in Duo 10 Ramen
Kill [5] deer 10 Ramen
Kill [3] players 10 Ramen
Open [6] chests 10 Ramen
Harvest [15] trees 10 Ramen
Harvest [10] Leathers 10 Ramen
Harvest [2] Electronics 10 Ramen
Craft [15] items (excluding Snowballs)  10 Ramen
Find [10] Clues 10 Ramen
Kill 1 player with an Arrow 10 Ramen
Deal [1000] damage with the Axe 10 Ramen
Deal [1000] damage with Arrows 10 Ramen
Craft [8] Tools (excluding Snowballs) 10 Ramen
Pick up 8 enemy Arrows 10 Ramen
Search [3] dead players 10 Ramen
Craft [3] Electronic Powers 15 Ramen
Deal [3000] damage 15 Ramen
Draw [1] first blood 15 Ramen
Kill 6 players 20 Ramen
Harvest 75 resources 20 Ramen
Play 8 matches 25 Ramen