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Craft Wheel

The Crafting Wheel is a customizable selection of survival basics, perks, tools, and powers that you can use for your survival in Darwin Project. Each of your selections can contribute to the proficiency of a certain play style, so choose wisely! You can open your craft wheel by pressing and holding Q, or by pressing Crafting Wheel in the main menu.

The Crafting Wheel can be customized both in the game menu and in the Lobby. It cannot be customized once you enter the match.

The Basics[ | ]


"Whether you are a hunter, a ninja or a berserker there is a type of arrow for you."

This is where you can find your most basic craftables for survival. You can find Armor, the Fire, and Arrows here. The only customizable item here are your arrows which are a major aspect of gameplay. Armor and the Fire cannot be customized at this moment.

Perks[ | ]


"Perks can significantly boost your character. You can choose a craftable upgrade for your boots, your cloak and your axe."

Here you can find your passive upgrades to your Axe, the Cloaks, and the Boots. Every Cloak gives resistance to cold, and every boot gives movement speed. They also give additional bonuses depending on what type do you choose.

All perks can be upgraded to a maximum level of 5.

Tools[ | ]


"To be an effective hunter you need to choose your 3 basic tools wisely. They will help you trap, evade and fight the other inmates."

In the tools section, you will find a variety of items, traps and usables to aid you in a fight. You can pick any combination of up to 3 tools. Tools range from simple snowballs, to various offensive items like hooks, to defensive items like traps and smoke bombs.

Powers[ | ]


"Harvest electronics to upgrade these! Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

The powers section is where you can choose some of Darwin's experimental electronics to help you in your fight for survival! These range from mobility powers like Teleport and Power Leap, through offensive powers like Turrets and Ice Bolts, to defensive powers like Arena and Energy Shield. You can pick any combination of up to 3 powers.