Craft Wheel

The Crafting Wheel is an accessible wheel that is divided into four groups. Survival Basics, Perks, Tools, and Powers. The wheel can be customized to reflect the preferred playstyle of the player. Open the craft wheel by pressing 'Q' or open it via the main menu.


Crafting Wheel Basics

The Basics is where players can craft armor, fire and arrows. The only item that can be changed in this section are the arrows. There are four types of arrows available - Regular, Beserker, Hunter, and Fire.


Crafting Wheel Perks

Perks are where players go to craft axes, cloaks, and boots. There are currently three axe types, five cloak types, and four boot types. Axes can be used to gather resources.


Crafting Wheel Tools

Tools are craftable items used against other players. There are seven types currently that include traps, bombs, rigged chests, a tripwire, and a snowball.


Crafting Wheel Powers

Powers are where the player really determines their gameplay style. There are eight powers, but the player can only have three slotted at a time. Current powers include Arena, Camo, Detector, Energy Shield, Power Leap, Radar, Teleport, and Turret.

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