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'Warmth' or 'cold' is a meter used in Darwin Project which the player must maintain in order to stay alive and is a key element of gameplay mechanics. While in the arena a player's cold meter will lower at a constant rate (this rate can be decreased using a Cloak)

Warmth is shown as a blue bar above the stamina bar next to the minimap ingame.

When the warmth meter is low the player will find it increasingly difficult to see as the edges of the screen frost over.

When the meter is depleted the player will take increments or "ticks" of damage over time, each tick does 50 damage and occurs every second, and will continue to tick until the player has warmed up or died.

Snowballs can be used by other player's to decrease the opponent's cold meter faster.

Players can warm up in a variety of ways:

Being near any campfire (Fire) which can be crafted from the Crafting Wheel for 1 wood

Show Directors can use their Warm Up ability which will make a small robot follow and heat up the player for a short period

Players can obtain Warm Coffee from lootables which have the same affect as the warm up ability

Being near natural heat sources like Lava