Darwin Project - cloak skins

A Coat is a clothing type item that can be can be crafted in Darwin Project. They can be accessed in the Crafting Wheel and are most commonly refered to as Cloaks. Each cloak will provide a certain amount of warmth as well as an additional perk. Cloaks take two Wood and one Leather to create. Each cloak can be upgraded up to 5 times, with each upgrade adding additional benefits. 

Icon Name  Description 
Darwin Project - Fur Cloak icon large Fur Cloak Improve your resistance to the cold. Also, considered fashionable in some countries.
Darwin Project - Detective Cloak icon large Detective Cloak Bundle up and beat the cold! Also your tracking from clues lasts longer.
Darwin Project - Runner Cloak icon large Runner Cloak Boost your stamina and resistance to the cold.
Darwin Project - Revenge Cloak icon large Revenge Cloak The revenge cloak puts a tracking on anyone that deals DMG to you for 2 seconds per level.
Darwin Project - Ghost Cloak icon large Ghost Cloak Reduce opponent's clue duration when you're being tracked and improve your resistance to the cold. A favorite of both creeps and sneaks.
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