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The Bow is one of the main weapons that all Inmates start with. It fires Arrows, that deal various amounts to damage and apply various effects based on the type you have equipped.

The Bow doesnt have to be crafted or equipped for it to be usable, as all Inmates start with it. However, Arrows do have to be crafted, as Inmates start with a little amount of them. It can be drawn by holding RMB on PC. Arrows can be customized in the Crafting Wheel. You can only have one Arrow type equipped.

Your Bow can be customized with various available skins.

Mechanics[ | ]

There is a draw time of 0.8 seconds before your character fires the arrow, if you get hit during the draw, it will reset. Arrows can be parried with Axe swings. Whenever they get successfully parried, they will drop to the ground. Arrows that missed and hit a surface can be picked back up and used again. You will always pick up arrows based on your currently equipped type, even if your enemy uses different arrows.

Arrows[ | ]

Arrow types

You can find four different Arrows. Each come with varying benefits and stats.

Default Arrows[ | ]

Default Arrow

Begin the game with 5 arrows.

Base/Headshot Damage: 150/200

Starting Arrow Count: 5

Hunter Arrows[ | ]

Hunter Arrow

Never let your prey get away. Track your target for 5 seconds by scoring a hit on them with an arrow.

Base/Headshot Damage: 150/200

Track Duration (s): 5

Starting Arrow Count: 2

Fire Arrows[ | ]

Fire Arrow

Fire a heavy flaming arrow. Higher damage but shorter combat range.

Base/Headshot Damage: 200/250

Arrow Speed: 50%

Maximum Arrow Range (m): 40

Starting Arrow Count: 2

Berserk Arrows[ | ]

Berserk Arrow

Unlimited stamina for 10 seconds if you hit someone with an arrow.

Base/Headshot Damage: 150/200

Unlimited Stamina Duration (s): 10

Starting Arrow Count: 2