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Boot types

Boots are an upgrade that you can purchase from the Crafting Wheel that helps with buffing your movement speed along with various other things.

You can select 1 from 4 different types of boots prior to entering a game and are unable to change once the game leaves the lobby.

Once in-game, you can upgrade the boots 5 times permanently.

Speed Boots[ | ]

Speed Boots

Perfect for all purpose running. You WILL run faster (or else!)

Movement Speed/Level: +5%

Max Level: 5

Evader Boots[ | ]

Evader Boots

Run fast! Faster when someone is tracking you.

Speed Bonus When Tracked/Level: +4%

Movement Speed/Level: +4%

Max Level: 5

Hunter Boots[ | ]

Hunter Boots

Go faster, even moreso when you pick up a clue!

Speed Bonus From Clue Pickup/Level: +3%

Movement Speed/Level: +4%

Max Level: 5

Ninja Boots[ | ]

Ninja Boots

Soft steps like a ninja. Reduce duration of your footsteps and increases your speed.

Footstep Duration/Level: -19%

Movement Speed/Level: +4%

Max Level: 5