Darwin Project - boot skins

Boots are an upgradeable item in Darwin Project. There are currently four types of Boots that can be crafted and each one has a different ability. Players can only have one boot type slotted in their Crafting Wheel during a match. Once the game has started, the chosen boots can be upgraded up to five times with the affect from each upgrade stacking on the previous one(s). For example, each time the Ninja Boot was upgraded it would increase the player's speed by an additional 4% and further decrease the time a footstep could be detected by another player. 

Icon Name Description
Darwin Project - Speed Boots icon large Speed Boots Perfect for all purpose running. You WILL run faster (or else!)
Darwin Project - Ninja Boots icon large Ninja Boots Soft steps like a ninja. Reduce duration of your footsteps and increases your speed.
Darwin Project - Hunter Boots icon large Hunter Boots Go faster, even moreso when you pick up a clue!
Darwin Project - Evader Boots icon large Evader Boots Run fast! Faster when someone is tracking you.
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