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Berserk Arrow
Berserk Arrow
Unlimited stamina for 10 seconds if you hit someone with an arrow.
Type: Arrow
Crafting Cost: 1 Wood
Crafting Time: 1 second
Stats: Unlimited Stamina Duration (s): 10

Base/Headshot Damage: 150/200

Starting Arrow Count: 2

Berserk Arrows are one of the available Arrow types. Whenever you hit an enemy with these arrows, you will gain unlimited Stamina for 10 seconds.

Notes[ | ]

  • The stamina bonus stacks - successful hits with Berserk Arrows will increase the duration by 10 instead of resetting it, therefore making your Stamina bonus much longer.
  • Axe hits will not give you unlimited Stamina.
  • You also gain Stamina whenever you hit a Deer.