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Bear Trap
Bear Trap
Immobilize and damage your prey. Originally used to trap bears before they went extinct.
Type: Tools
Crafting Cost: 1 Wood
Crafting Time: 2 seconds
Active: Places a Bear Trap at your location. Tracks and immobilizes prey for 6 seconds.
Stats: Place Time (s): 2

Immobility Duration (s): 6 Damage: 100

Bear Trap is one of the available Tools. When activated, places a Bear Trap that tracks and immobilizes enemies for 6 seconds and deals 100 damage to them.

Notes[ | ]

  • Immobilized inmates cannot move, but they can still use their Axe and Bow.
  • Inmates can escape the Bear Trap by using Power Leap.
  • Bear Traps have three states of visibility:
    • Transparent but visible - for nearby enemy inmates who are standing still
    • Transparent, hard to see - for nearby enemy inmates who are walking
    • Invisible - for enemy inmates who are running or far away
  • Bear Traps can be destroyed by enemies in 1 hit.
  • You cannot place several Bear Traps on top of another.
  • If Bear Traps are placed on a temporary surface (for example an Arena), they will destroy themselves once the surface goes away.