Darwin Project - Axes

Axes are one of two weapons used in Darwin Project. The axe is a melee weapon that can also be used to chop down trees. This can be made easier by turning on 'Harvest on Melee Attack' so that gathering and attacks use the same action.

There are currently three axe types that can be slotting into the Crafting Wheel. Each one provides a different type of buff and take different materials to create.

Melee attacks

  • Moving forward toward the enemy and attacking will do a single swing of the axe.
  • Leaping while moving forward will do an overhead attack with a slightly longer range.
  • Moving forward and leaping mid attack will perform an uppercut and will knock the enemy backwards.
  • Attacking while leaping without forward movement will perform a side swing.

One difficult but possibly useful trick is to start a swing just before using a teleport. The swing animation will complete after the teleport finishes, so this may be effective if teleporting to an enemy. Snowballs and arrows can be deflected with a melee attack, but the timing has to be perfect for this to work.

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