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The Axe is one of the main weapons that all Inmates start with. It is the only melee weapon in the game.

The Axe doesnt have to be crafted or equipped for it to be usable, as all Inmates start with it. It can be swung by pressing LMB on PC. The Axe can be upgraded with Axe Upgrades, that have to be crafted. You can only have one Axe Upgrade equipped in a game.

The Axe is also used to harvest wood.

Your Axe can be customized with various available skins.

Mechanics[ | ]

By default, the Axe deals 150 damage to all Inmates, and applies a knockback on hit, no matter whether the swing was parried or not. The Axe's damage can be increased using Axe Sharpener, or reduced while Shrinked. The Axe will also instantly destroy Turrets and Deers.

There is a slight windup before your character swings the axe. If you get hit during the delay or swing animation, the delay will reset. If an Arrow or Hook hits you during the swing, they will get Parried and you will take no damage from the arrow, or you wont be pulled by the hook. You can also parry Snowballs, by doing so you can deflect them back to the owner and deal freeze damage to him.

Axe swings can also be parried, if both your and your enemy's axes clash, both of you will get knocked back from each other and wont take damage.

There are several types of Axe swings:

  • Regular swing - The most common swing, able to hit enemies in a 360 degree angle. The hitboxes are shown in the image.
  • Spin swing - Performed by pressing the axe button and then jumping right before the character swings. Your character does a quick 360 spin in midair.
  • Drop swing - Performed by swinging in midair. Your character swings the axe downwards, hitting enemies in a narrow angle.
  • Roll swing - Performed by swinging during a Roll. In this case, there is no swing delay, but the hitboxes are much closer to your character, and you are immobile for around 0.5 second after the swing.

Axe Upgrades[ | ]


You can find three different customization options for your axe. Each come at different resource costs for varying benefits. All axes have a base DMG of 150.

Axe Sharpener[ | ]

Axe Sharpener

Get that axe nice and sharp to deal more damage.

Axe Damage / Level: +25

Max Level: 5

Lumberjack[ | ]


Faster harvesting. Cutting edge Canadian technology

Harvest Speed / Level: +10%

Max Level: 5

Scavenger Axe[ | ]

Scavenger Axe

Recover your health when looting dead inmate or robotic deer and craft faster.

Heal Bonus / Level: +25

Craft Speed / Level: +10%

Max Level: 5