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Block all damage from the next incoming attack.
Type: The Basics
Crafting Cost: 3 Wood and 3 Leather
Crafting Time: 3 seconds
Active: The next incoming attack will be Blocked.

Armor is one of the available Basics. All Inmates start with Armor as an available craftable option. Armor will block the next instance of damage, fully negating it's damage. However, the damage instance will still knock you back, and it will destroy the Armor, meaning that you have to craft it once again after the block.

Notes[ | ]

  • Armor blocks all damage from the next incoming attack, no matter whether it is an axe attack, an arrow or a Turret hit. However, it won't block Cold damage.
  • You can't stack multiple Armor pieces.
  • Armor will only block the first Turret hit. You will still take damage from the rest of the turret's attacks.