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Announcer is a vocal feature in Darwin Project. There are 3 voices: Samantha, Kevin, Samantha (deeper).

List of announcers:[ | ]

Samantha[ | ]

Lobby Jokes[ | ]

  • "A portion of a winner's genetic material will be spliced into the general population. After this, to avoid confusion, you will be sterilized.'
  • "Please do not burrow under the snow and wait for the match to be over. It could take hours for us to find you, and when we do, your body will be torn apart by microscopic robots as an example to others."
  • "Please follow the sound of my voice and free me from this recording booth prison."
  • "Your children can avenge your death in the Digital Computer version of The Darwin Project, available in stores now!"
  • "If your match is rebroadcast in the future, your family will receive a residuous proportion to your screen time at a rate of 5 coins/min"

Match[ | ]

Announcement Cause Note Audio File
Zone is about to be forbidden Upon zone beginning to close
Zone is now forbidden (X zones remain) Upon zone closed
Final zone Upon 1 zone remaining
Sudden Death! Upon sudden death
X players remain Upon player eliminated Sometimes when the game ends, the announcement will read One player remains
Victory! Upon being last inmate alive
You get to live another day!
You can die tomorrow!
Defeat! Upon being killed
You are now dead.
You have been defeated.
First blood Upon achieving first kill of the game Unused
Darwinium shipment has arrived Upon spawning electronic Formerly A new electronic is available
Nuclear missile has been launched in zone Upon director triggering nuke power
Nuclear missile has landed in zone Upon zone going nuclear
Gravity storm initiated! Upon gravity storm
Gravity is back to Earth levels! Upon gravity storm ends
The lava will burn you, if you fall into it! Upon lava floor power being triggered
Manhunt has begun! Upon manhunt starting
Manhunt target has been killed! Upon manhunt target being killed
Manhunt target survived! Upon manhunt ended!
If you're cold, you can craft a fire Upon cold meter <24%
Drone deployed! Upon director power being triggered

Kevin[ | ]

Death types[ | ]

Announcement Caused Note Audio files
Ax kill! Upon player being slain This has shown to be one of the most common deaths in the game
Arrow kill! Upon player being shot
Frozen to death! Upon player killed by freezing
Death by lava! Upon player falling in lava
Nuclear death! Upon player getting caught in nuke
Death by NUKE!
Turret kill! Upon turret killing a player
Killed by turrets!
Death by snowball! Upon player killed by snowball Similar to Frozen to death but is only heard when player freezes after being snowballed
Trap kill! Upon player killed after falling in bear trap The rarest deaths in Darwin History!

Misc[ | ]

  • Exposed!
  • Countdown

Samantha (deeper)[ | ]